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Omega Constellation Replica Watches

The second wave of pre-SIHH timepieces from Parisian watchmaker Omega Constellation Replica Watches focuses on its Omega Constellation Replica Watches Libre Collection. This collection is based on a concept that allows the maison to stretch and compress their designs in unexpected ways to create unusual interpretations.

The first watch presented is an updated version of the Crash. The famous watch, created in yellow gold here, features a dial which appears to radiate a ripple. The ripples continue to flow down the bezel of the watch case.

It's fantastic to see Omega Constellation Replica Watches produce another animation for the Crash just two years after the last time we saw it in a sale catalogue. It's safe to say that we are all waiting for the day when the maison will bring back the original crash from 1967.replica watches

The 2018 version is equipped with the 8970MC manualwound and will only be limited to 50 pieces.

All the watches that make up the current announcement are variations of the Baignoire, or bathtub watch as its French name is translated. The first watch, which we'll call the Baignoire Debordante (or bathtub overflowing), is a literal interpretation of the name thanks to an openworked, diamond-decorated bezel. This watch has a quartz-driven movement, and is limited to only 50 pieces.

The Baignoire Infinie is next, and its name has been visually translated so that it gives the impression of looking at a point of singularity which never ends. The three-tiered decoration of the bezel, which includes baguette-cut stones, white mother-of pearl, Tahitian Mother-of Pearl, and black spinels, achieves this.rolex replica watches This is another quartz piece, which will be limited at 20 pieces.

The Baignoire Interdite (forbidden bathtub) is the last timepiece. It has finally had the oval of the Baignoire turned to the side, and the roman numerals wrapped in large, dark ADLC numbers that appear to be holding the watch captive. The piece is also white gold, with a paved bezel; it has a quartz movement and is limited to 50 pieces.

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